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[VG1] The most important game ever. Empty [VG1] The most important game ever.

Post by MaSTA SoLIDUS on Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:24 am

And I mean personally.

I didn't become what I am as a gamer today without Final Fantasy VII. This isn't a normal fan article for a game...it truly did change how I looked at everything. Before VII, I played games. They were fun. Engrossing. Captivating. They took up time after school and they were better than watching TV.

After VII, I gamed. I no more played games so much as I lived them. VII opened up everything to me concerning video games--music composition, character design, story, gameplay mechanics...I began breaking games down to what they were, piece by piece, rebuilding them in my mind into what amounted to the best entertainment medium man has available.

This sounds really grandiose, but it really is how I feel about it.

In 1997, my cousin was bought this game. He couldn't figure out how to get past the part where Cloud had to go save Jessie after beating the big red scorpion (it was as simple as picking up the potion sitting in front of her, but I digress). Because of this, he gave me the game. because of that, I've gamed ever since.

I played VII for 2-3 hours daily for the year or two afterward. Beating the game was a forgone conclusion once I started...but that wasn't what I wanted to do. I really was immersed in the greatness that game possessed. Every bit of what that game had enamored me to the point that I decided right then that games were my future.

...To this day I am not tired of the game. I could pop it in and play it for hours on end. But if that's all it gave me as a game, I wouldn't be as hardcore a gamer as I am.

It piqued my interest in other RPGs on consoles. because of VII, I went back and looked at the previous Final Fantasies. The Star Oceans. The Harvest Moons. Bahamut Lagoon. Dragon Quests.

I learned to love that genre the best, because I saw that those who made games within it took care of the medium they used. Telling stories (now looked at as cliche) was paramount. Builidng believable character and relationships ( the only constraint was technology). Having heartfelt music.

It opened my eyes to the work of Legends in the industry like Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kando, Tetsuya Nomura, and the many who made gaming what it is today.

VII got me interested in Traditional Games, because after playing console RPGs, I researched some of their roots, which lead to Dungeons and Dragons and other games like it.

In finality, VII gave me every interest I have in gaming, or was the beginning point at which I stopped playing games and began Gaming.

On that day my cousin couldn't figure out to hit the circle button, my life chaged for the better.

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